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Why Buy Gutter Guards?

An uncovered gutter system is a vulnerable gutter system – open to clogs from leaves and debris. There are also many leaf guards and leaf filters for sale on the market that promise a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Products like these don’t work.

There are several reasons that common gutter guards fail:

  • Improper installation leaves gaps between guards and gutters
  • Inferior technology just gets clogged and doesn’t keep gutters free of debris
  • Improper pitch

These products are not MasterShield.

When it comes to your home’s gutter system, make sure that you’re making the best investment for your home and your wallet.

That’s why there’s MasterShield and our revolutionary gutter solution.

The MasterShield Gutter Guards Difference

Most gutter guards don’t actually protect against roof oils, but MasterShield gutter guards have self-cleaning features to naturally remove roof oils.

Our gutter guards stop debris with our interlocking micro mesh gutter protection system.

The MasterShield warranty is unmatched in the industry.  We guarantee that gutters protected by MasterShield will not clog. If it does, we’ll replace it or refund you the product cost of the MasterShield installed on your house*. But we don’t stop there: should the clog cause damage claimable against your homeowner’s policy, we’ll refund your insurance deductible, up to $1,500.

Unlike some other systems, we don’t just promise to clean your gutters in the event of product failure, we promise gutters that won’t clog.

The MasterShield warranty comes direct from the manufacturer and is transferable if you should sell your home.

All of our dealers are independently owned and operated. Many match our product guarantee with a warranty on their installation costs to give you, the homeowner, further peace of mind and truly, the first 100% money-back warranty in the industry.

Mastershield Gutter Guard Replacement In Roswell, GA


Mastershield Gutter Guard Replacement In Roswell, GA


Mastershield Gutter Guard Replacement In Roswell, GA


Our Patented Gutter Guards

Our micromesh technology instantly attacks oils and organisms that flow from your roof every time it rains ensuring that you’re protected when it matters most.

When it comes to our gutter guards, we build copper into the micromesh – this is your gutter guards’ super power. Add to this our HydroVortex technology, and you’ve got the secret recipe for a truly protected gutter system!

What Is HydroVortex™ Technology?

The HydroVortex™ Technology unique to MasterShield creates a siphoning force so powerful it can pull exceptional volumes of water through it whether the product is placed flat or straight up and down. It is designed it to be able to draw water into your gutters at virtually any roof pitch.

(*) Product cost represents the original cost of the product to the installing dealer, and does not include the dealer’s installation or other costs, which may be covered under a separate warranty from the dealer. See manufacturer’s warranty for full details.

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