Fraud Blocker Gutter Guard Comparison - MasterShield Gutter Protection

Gutter Guard Comparison Guide in Woodstock, Atlanta, & Nearby

Consider These When Comparing MASTERSHIELD to LeafFilter, Leaf Solution and other micro mesh products:

  • Wet debris often sits atop of gutters and greatly lowers your curb appeal while also increasing the risk of more serious issues later.

    MASTERSHIELD, LeafFilter and Leaf Solution do not work the same and are not the same.
  • MASTERSHIELD, LeafFilter and Leaf Solution were ALL invented/patented by Edward “Alex” Higgenbotham in 2004, 2001 and 2001, respectively. Pending patent for MASTERSHIELD’S new interwoven copper and stainless steel mesh.
  • LeafFilter’s mesh is physically glued into place on each job in the field by hand.
  • MASTERSHIELD’S micro mesh is factory installed and has its own specific patented weave.
  • LeafFilter is made of PVC, doesn’t warranty misshaping due to environmental conditions.
  • MASTERSHIELD is constructed of aluminum and not compromised by heat or sun’s UV rays.
  • ONLY MASTERSHIELD GUARANTEES mesh won’t clog w/ mildew, mold, algae, moss or pollen.
  • The debris buildup that often comes with flat gutter covers will not be a problem with MasterShield gutter guards.

    LeafFilter can’t be sloped properly to the roof pitch creating a to-be-cleaned debris shelf.
  • MASTERSHIELD’S design works with the contours of your roof not affecting the shingles and WILL NOT void any roofing warranty. MASTERSHIELD’S structural strength comes from its design and installation method.
  • MASTERSHIELD can be pitched with steep roof slopes without rain water overflowing.
  • MASTERSHIELD’S Atlanta area dealership is locally independently owned and operated. This is not the case with LeafFilter. Taking care of our customers is essential to keeping our excellent reputation. Our dealership has own factory trained and experienced installers working exclusively for us.
  • Are sales representative telling you the truth? Did they say all micro mesh products work the same? Did they start their pricing with some outrageous $ amount then

    If you’re finding sludge like this inside your gutter system, your gutter guards are not performing their function.

    drop it significantly when you initially wouldn’t buy? Was there then a “so-called” manager call by the rep pretending to advocate for you? Did they tell you that they can drop the price because their working on condo’s, apartments or some other project in the area? These are all “Tin Man” tactics designed to con you into buying today so you don’t look at their competitors. Do you really want to buy from any company who plays these pricing games?
  • MASTERSHIELDATL’S sales representatives treat the client with respect and do not play old school “Tin Man” sales games. Our reps pay attention to the details and recommend what works best for your home.
  • MASTERSHIELD comes in 14 colors along with our own custom made miters to help control heavy flowing valleys.

MasterShield gutter guards are designed to avoid galvanic corrosion for a long-term lifespan of function and durability.

NON-MASTERSHIELD filter products CAN CLOG! Is this what you really want to buy?

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