Fraud Blocker Consumer Warning - MasterShield Gutter Protection


“TIN MEN “are alive and well working the Atlanta market selling gutter protection and other home improvement products and services.

Watch out for any in-home sales company that uses anything similar to the following selling tactics:

  • Unreasonably high initial priced proposal.
  • Followed by offering a price drop if they can put a sign in your front yard or some other “favor” you can do for them.
  • Then, another price drop if you give names of others that can use their products. “You are doing them again a favor, therefore, you are given a lower price as a reward. But, there is more.
  • Now another price drop, if you are senior citizen or veteran.
  • And finally, offering yet another price drop after calling their “manager” to get an “if you buy today price”. This offer is only good now, when I leave your home our lowest pricing is rescinded.

You just had 3, 4 or more price drops from this company’s original sales price. Remember, if you bought earlier in their sales process you never would have gotten their lowest price. The salesperson gets a higher commission at a higher price. They really do not want you buying at their lowest price.

If you hear sales tactics similar to those above then run, get them out of your house immediately. They are trying to rip you off. Do not buy!

Also, NEVER fall for high pressure sales approaches. If the salesperson is too pushy then ask them pleasantly (or not) to leave.

When you are given a price quote from a reputable contractor to work on your home that price should be good for at least 30 days, if not longer. Avoid “today only” deals.

It’s simple, if you are a good company with a good product at a good price, consumers will buy without all the excess shenanigans.

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