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Our Micromesh Gutter Guards will keep even small debris such as shingle grit, seeds and insects out of your gutters!


Gutter Covers

Mastershield Gutter Protection 

MasterShield Gutter Guards are the most effective gutter protection systems on the market today. The superior design and award winning innovative technology are the top choice among savvy Homeowners, Building Professionals, and Architects for today's homes and commercial buildings. Mastershield Gutter Protection works exceptionally well with steep roofs and metal roofs.  If pine straw is a problem, look no further, no other product can shed pinestraw as effectivly as Mastershield can...Please scroll down to find out why!


Here's how MasterShield works:

  • ·         Allows water in - keeps out the smallest debris
  • ·         Leaf Release Surface, non stick material
  • ·         100% money back, no-clog guarantee!
  • ·         Lifetime Warranty - Transferable
  • ·         Fits on new and existing gutters
  • ·         Keeps out leaves, Pine needles, Maple helicopters, Oak tassels, and even shingle grit
  • ·         Protects your home from rot, mold, mildew, wet basements, and eroding foundations
  • ·         Eliminates birds, bees, squirrels and even mosquitoes from your gutters
  • ·         Millions of feet installed-zero clogged gutters!

Why it is different:

MasterShield is installed on either new or existing gutters. Unique to MasterShield, our LeafRelease™ non-stick micromesh gutter filter and exclusive, patented HydroVortex™ technology create a self-cleaning water vacuum that quickly siphons rainwater into the gutter. MasterShield's superior technology will ensure a lifetime of worry-free gutter protection for your home.

MasterShield provides homeowners with completely sealed gutter protection systems - no gaps,nochannels, and no openings. It is IMPOSSIBLE to clog a gutter protected by MasterShield. Our patented surgical grade stainless steel micro-filter allows nothing but water into your gutter - 100% MONEY BACK guaranteed!

Others have copied our approach, but without the multi-patented, Alex Higginbotham technology, other stainless steel filters just can't match our performance and will eventually clog and fail. Want gutter guard perfection? Only Choose MasterShield!

A Warranty Unlike Any Other:

Check around and you'll quickly learn that MasterShield’s warranty is unmatched in the industry. We guarantee that a gutter protected by MasterShield will not clog. If it does, we will refund you the product cost of the MasterShield installed on your house, or replace it if found to be defective product.

Unlike some other systems, we don't just promise to clean your gutter in the event of product failure, we promise a gutter that won't clog. Our warranty comes direct from the manufacturer and is transferable if you should sell your home.

Why such a comprehensive and unrivaled warranty? Because MasterShield Gutter Protection® offers performance and protection that really works.



Klean Gutter Guard

Klean Gutter takes gutter covers to a whole new level, outperforming many well known, dealer-installed systems. It’s affordable, highly effective and fills a need for homeowners that just want gutter covers to keep them from cleaning their gutters every season.

How Klean Gutter Works

Klean Gutter was created by Alex Higginbotham, the original innovator of microfiltration gutter covers. He holds the first patent for microfiltration as well as 9 more for further advancements in the field, more than any other inventor. He never stops improving and advancing, which is what lead to the “a-ha!” moment to the new features found in Klean Gutter.

Don’t know who Alex Higginbotham is? You may recognize his other gutter covers rather than the man. He is the inventor of the first micro filter gutter guard, LeafFilter®, as well as Leaf Solution® and the next generation in microfiltration technology—MasterShield®. You’ll find his gutter guard technology in other brands of filtered gutter guards as well.

BEFORE you consider investing in gutter covers just because they say they have a “stainless steel filter”, consider this:

  1. Gutter covers should keep out all debris, particularly pine/fir needles and spring debris, which is often small and gets through most gutter covers.
  2. The filter must come into contact with something under its surface to pull the water into the gutter below. Screens of any material, stainless steel or not, can and will act as a solid surface without contact points, allowing water to flow over them.
  3. The filter must have a way to clean of roof oils, which naturally flow out of roof shingles. If your filter can’t clean itself of oils, it will clog. The way accomplish this is with touch points from the body under the filter, but even this has to be done right for optimal cleaning.

How Klean Gutter Covers Work

We’ll say it again: having a stainless steel filter sounds nice, but the long term performance you get from a gutter guard is in its underlying technology and design.

Klean Gutter’s underlying body is an innovative approach which started from classic gutter covers. Remember hooped gutter screens made from expanded metal? You’ve probably seen some blown into someone’s yard.

There are more than 30 different expanded metal shapes, even more expanded metal sizes. Each style and size has a different reaction to water. Some work in varying degrees; others fail. Add a micro filter cloth over it and you’ve added a new variable that impacts how well water will flow through to the gutter below.

Klean Gutter’s patented design takes an expanded metal design in an innovative approach to gutter covers. Klean Gutter’s design works differently, its patent pending technology creates hundreds of thousands of touch points designed to pull water through the filter. Debris is naturally kept out by the surgical grade, fine micro filter, engineered to the Higginbotham ratio. You won’t find fine mesh in other systems because they can’t work with other designs.

Klean Gutter’s design also allows it to be installed at the same angle as your roof, a key element of current Higginbotham designs. Pitching with the roof helps the system shed debris on its own. Gutter covers that install flat act like a shelf and collect debris. You’ll find this important if you have fir and pine trees and small spring debris.

For heavy rains, Klean Gutter has an added feature. It’s a single downward drop under the filter’s surface. This creates a long path a fast water flow is compelled to follow. Unlike its earlier predecessors like Leaf Solution and Gutter Grate, Klean Gutter only needs one downward drop to accomplish this. It’s technology is that effective